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Never in a Kazillion years would I have ever thought that I would meet the legend, Ellen DeGeneres. If you know me, you know that Ellen is one of my greatest inspiration and motivating forces, not to mention one of my best friends in my head(lol) so there's no way I can put into word what this whole experience has meant to me, but I will try.

I am a dreamer, and I mean, I can often be caught saying things like dream come true, believe it achieve it, if you build it, they will come, etc. but when I told you this experience truly blew my mind I just couldn't believe.

Funny story actually, they tried to reach me for a couple weeks, but I don't know anyone much in Cali, so I thought it as a scammer at first. When I finally spoke with the show, I was under the impression was one a 10 lucky Canadians selected to be in the audience of the show. I was already on Cloud Nine because, I previously mention, this is one of my all time Idols, plus I never been to Cali and expenses covered, I already felt like I was living the dream! But that moment I realized it was more than that....that actual first moment was absolutely surreal. Sometimes when I try to remember that 10 minute period, I actually feel like I floated the whole time.

The Coles notes version is, Yes. I really met her and YES she really is like that or maybe even better than you might imagine in real life. NO I did not have a clue, it was not a staged event by any means. and I still do Not know who wrote in the letter that scored me the experience of a lifetime.

One of the reasons I am so glad this whole experience unfolded in front of the PowerFilledYouth team is because

they got to witness this dream come true for me. They got to see that even the seemingly impossible can some become a reality. Never ever ever stop believing in your dream and reaching for your goals. Be humble, and persevere through your challenges and in the end your rewards will be great.

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