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A random act of kindness can go a long way

On April 15th the PowerFIlled Youth Team set out to do two things:

1) Clean up litter and debris around our community

2) perform random acts of kindness for strangers just cuz

The clean up was the easy part. We went to a few plzas and parks equipped with gloves and garbage bag and picked up any garbage we saw. The we set out to complete the random acts of kindness. First we visitd a local laundry mat and gave everyone there a small note that Said "Enjoy this random act of kindness and have a great day" and had a $5 in coins taped to it. That was fun.

Next we handed out small flower bouquets for ladies and scratch lottery tickets for the gents. At first, people really weren't interested at all. Maybe they thought the team was trying to sell them something, we'll never know, but this discouraged the team from approaching people. We decided instead to go to the Go Train station and give them to people coming off the train, which went fairly well.

With about 10 packages left we decided to post up outside a local Walmart. We gave out the rest of our packages.

We even gave one to an officer who happened to be at the Walmart. He couldn't accept the lottery tickets but he took the flowers for a co-worker instead.

Some of the people we met expressed to us they were having a rough day and they were really grateful for our gesture. That's what it's all about. It's such a rewarding feeling to know that you have helped to make someone's day.

Giving. Loving. Caring,

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