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Celebrating Black History! Way Back When!!

Well , we've done it again. The PowerFIlled Youth TO team presented our newest play entitled "Way Back When" to more than 500 people living in the GTA and had an awesome time doing it.

This years production was set in a retirement home in Toronto. The premise of the play is that all these senior citizens from various cultures and walks of life reflect among fellow residents about their history, culture and experience once arriving to Canada. They also reflect on when immigration reform started in Canada and the interesting history of Caribana - Canada''s biggest Annual Caribbean festival. This play took the audience on a journey through time and space, visiting various places including Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Africa, Jamaica and of course Canada and concluded with a talent showcase highlighting the history of various genres of music as well as poems and dance about self love, inclusion and equity.

The team performed for two TDSB elementary schools in the Scarborough area and held 2 public performances open to the public.

The beauty of these plays is that in practicing and rehearsing these productions the youth not only teaching their community valuable info about Black History they're also learning and retaining a great deal of knowledge about history through drama, dance, song and spoken word.

We are already planning our 2020 show. Stay tuned!!

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