Well to say I am extremely proud of the PFYTO team would be a gross understatement . I really don't even know where to start!

It has been a busy time for us. The PFYTO team has been practicing 3 to 4 times a week for the last 3 months, and rehearsing lines since last October, all leading to this.

"Move with the Music" is the title of our 2018 Black History Month production. This play was written, produced and directed by myself and my Stage manager Christie Maingot.... but it was brought to life and made AMAZING because of the super talented youth of PowerfilledYouth TO!

The play was about a group of children who stumble upon time traveller's and are given an opportunity to travel through time to various countries and learn about the culture, history and musical roots of the country. The countries visited included Africa in 1336, Motown USA in 1971, Brazil in 1920 and Jamaica in 2017. The play concluded with a community talent show celebrating diversity, equality and self -acceptance. Through drama and media we were able to recognize the past and present contributions of African Canadians in areas such as education, medicine, culture, art public service and human rights.

We were invited to perform at Elmswood Public School in Bolton, ON, for our first show. It was quite a distance from home, and we had to be on the road by 7am that day, but it was worth it. The Children and Youth did a fantastic job and the school was very grateful and impressed by the teams knowledge and talent. This first run was also a great opportunity to figure out all the kinks in the program logistics, as we prepared for our BIG SHOW which took place at West Hill CI in Scarborough On Februarty 28th.

This show was free, open to the public, advertised online and in the local free community newspaper. The children and youth were very notice as local media outlets were present to capture the magical event. We faced several set back and challenges leading out to the event, but we persevered and push through each barrier and pull of an outstanding production. It was attended by approximately 200 community members and family and friends. Many people commented that they learned things they didn't know and wished to see more similar productions in our community.

The confidence and pride beamed from their faces and we wrapped up the performance with a powerful step dance routine. This leaders of the future are destined for greatness!

Remarkable Job PowerfilledYouth TO. The amount of self sacrifice, time, energy, patience, practice and perseverance it takes to do what we did is immeasurable. Each and every one of you is an invaluable asset to the team and I am beyond proud and impressed by you. We are Limitless! We are Leaders! We are AWESOME-IST when we are ourselves <3

Check out our Community Outreach page for more information , pics and video clips of this fantastic production!

Thanks for your continued support