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Love the Skin Your In!

As simple as this concept seems, this is something people young and old, black and white often struggle with. This concept becomes all the more complex when we are plagued with prejudices based on things such as race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, socio-economic status and age. and it unfortunately starts at a very young age for most.

Take me for an example. I remember in grade 5. Myself and a male-friend of mine that was also black, decided we wanted to sell the crystals from both of our parents chandeliers for @5 cents each ( I Know.. awful plan, but we were children with no concept of money and we just wanted some candy for the store.) Anyways, we carefully selected some of the crystal pieces from each chandelier, and then decided to sell them. But before we went outside, we covered our faces a, necks and hands in white powder ( in an attempt to look "white"). We sold all the crystals we brought in no time and bought our candy. and life went on. But know, as an adult in retrospect, I am saddened to know, that even at the tender age of 10, We though our skin as it was, was not good enough and would serve as a detriment to our potential sales.

I am glad that I have grown out of that and love the skin I am in, flawed and all, but I recognize that growing up in the social media, selfie, post pic generation, this is still a hard thing for many people to do. I mean, yes. I still aspire to one day have those illusive defined abs one day and would love a bit more junk in my trunk so to speak and that totally okay and normal. I am a work in progress. but I know that even without those abs and perfectly clear skin I am beautiful and unique. Who I am inside will always be where by true beauty lies.

It important that we remind ourselves with positive affirmation how beautiful we are as often as possible. I firmly believe this is key to to loving your whole self and being the best you that you can be. Remember NO one else can do you better than YOU!

Below is a excerpt from a poem a stumbled across recently that I believe nicely wraps up today's message. have a great day and remember . You are beautiful just the way you are.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But everyone always looks at whats on the outside and not whats within. Hey im not thin. But thick is whats in. But let me tell u bout this skin that im in. Im a person with a soul mind and a goal. But who told you to try to control ME Cant you see. im my own person. LET ME BE ME. This skin that im in. This skin that has been broken, torn and damaged by loved ones and whos who claimed they loved me. The skin that im in my brown lovely skin goes from brown to blue to thick to thin from the bruses and cuts and just watching him go nuts because i didnt let him have his way. HUH.! For it to be broken in by a person that said they loved me and would leave after they was done 'getting it in' Not this skin that im in. For this skin is the cover of my mind heart and soul has kept me. It gets stronger as it goes through more deeper and intense war. With the battles of hurt, anger and decifulness, just makes me wanna cut this skin that im in. But hey who told you to judge me. LET ME BE ME. But hey im not thin. But thick is whats in. This skin that im in my brown lovely skin it takes the word beauty and makes it BEAUTIFUL.

written By - shekirah crump