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Michelle "Michie Mee" McCullock


Michelle McCullock popularly known by her stage name Michie Mee was born on 1st of November, 1970 in Jamaica. Michelle is a Canadian Rapper and actress.

Michie Mee’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She is known for her acting in Chicks with sticks. She is also considered as a national Hip Hop Pioneer.  Michie Mee started performing professionally at the age of 14. Boogie Down Production introduced her to the audience in Toronto during a concert on 1985. Where she performed on the stage. Later, she collaborated with DJ L.A. luv. The duo was featured on Canadian hip hop compilation Break n Out.  The duo released their debut album Jamaican funk-Canadian style in 1991. More than 60,000 copies of the album were sold in the US and even nominated for Juno Award in 1992.  She continues to create relevant music that stays true to her Jamaican-Canadian roots and who she is.  Michie Mee made her film debut through movie In Too Deep in 1999.  Later, she was starred in the CBC Television series Drop The Beat, playing the rapper name Divine. She was featured in many movies like Love disease, Chicks with Sticks, etc.

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