Arts, Roots and Culture

PowerFilledYouth TO's has worked intensively with more than 350 children and youth over the past 6 years creating awesome black history month productions celebrating black history, diversity, equity and inclusion.  Through arts, research, rehearsal and repitition, children and youth examine and explore learn about black and BIPOC history, heritage and culture.
Using drama, song, dance, spoken word and media as teaching tools allows children and youth to not only learn but also engage and express themselves, while teaching their peers and community.
Youth involved in this program are of many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and leave this experience learning more about themselves and each other. 


SChool Black History Month play.PNG

Virtual Reality - 2021 

This year, much to our dismay, we had to celebrate Black History Month virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions.  These restriction however did not stop us from creating some new, awesome content and sharing/performing on our various social media platforms.  Each day for February 2021, we shared a feature bio on different Black Canadian Icons - past and present.  In addition, we presented spoken word, song, dances, and visual arts.  


2020s event 'Say it Loud, Black and Proud' , told the story of Dayshawn, a black teenage boy that didn't see the point of celebrating Black History Month and expresses some other controversial views that don't sit so well with his subconscious.  He is soon enlightened and given a different way at looking at Black History and Culture.  





 2019 Black History Month Production entitled "Way Back When".

This play took place in a retirement home, where many "elderly people from different walks of life reflected on their life experiences as people of colour through drama, dance, poetry and song.  When it was all said in done the performance turned out really good, with an audience of almost 450 people.  While this year proved to be quite challenging due to various issues beyond our control , we still managed to persevere and pull off a great event. 



 February 2018 PowerfilledYouth TO debuted the sensational Black History Month production "Move with the Music".

This play explored the influences of people of colour throughout Canada and world and the importance and value of diversity and compassion in today's society.  Our audience was taken on a musical journey through time,  discovering different aspects of black history and culture.  

 The talented Powerfilled Youth team practiced diligently several times weekly for 5 months in order to make it a show our audience would not soon forget.  With free community performances from Scarborough to Bolton, these youth impressed, educated and entertained people of all cultures and ages alike.