PFYTO Objective


To positively engage, empower, educate and inspire black youth in Toronto and surrounding areas and create opportunities for them to impact their communities and successfully attain set goals.


PFYTO Mission


To creates safe spaces and programs focused on the positive development, , engagement and success Black children and Youth in Toronto

Kimya Mignott - Founder, Executive Creative Director

Kimya's my passion lies in uplifting children, youth and vulnerable individuals.  Many young people today face various types of challenges, which can create conscious and subconscious barriers for them.  This program has been developed  to create a fun, safe space for youth to positively and freely engage, learn, grow, flourish and contribute to their community.  Studies have shown that Arts education improves a children’s confidence and through participating in art activities with peers, young people build self-esteem, self-governance and self-respect skills.  In addition, our weekly workshops allow these young people to explore various character development themes through meaningful, insightful discussion. Our hope is to impact these youth through encouragement and empower them to fearlessly pursue hopes, dreams and aspiration regardless of social economic class, age, gender and race. 

Anike Arthur -  Executive Director

Christopher Coke -  Administrative Director

Jenn Short -  Artistic Director