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Shortlisted as one of 25 finalists to receive the 2019 Governor Generals Canada History Award for Community Programming

PowerFilled Youth TO (PFYTO ) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization that was established in 2016 dedicated to engaging, educating, empowering, uplifting and inspiring BIPOC children and youth. 


Through mentor-ship, workshops, leadership activities, dramatic arts and community outreach initiatives, children and youth develop confidence and character while learning about self-love, social justice, black history and culture and the value of positive community engagement. 


In 2019, PowerFilledYouth was shortlisted to receive the prestigious Governor Generals Canada History award for Community Engagement and also awarded the Jerome Henry Award for Community Engagement Excellence.

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Weekly Sessions

The PFYTO team meets  weekly examining various character development traits - their meaning, importance and relevance in today's society.  Through debate, discussion, leadership activities, skills workshops and  dramatic arts we examine and explore these traits as they relate to our lives and community.

Community involvement and outreach are also core aspects of our PowerFilled Youth TO.  The PFYTO team continues to show their commitment to creating positive community engagement opportunities. 


Our "PILOT" Talks series allow leaders within our community to​ engage meaningfully with the team, sharing wisdom, knowledge and life experiences.



Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we are not able to get out in the community and do our random Acts of Kindness campaign as planned, but we won't let that stop us!  


Check out our very own Jahtayah talking about how much she loves the program and all the great work PowerFilledYouth TO has been doing in our community

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ellen Degeneres and team for this truly memorable moment and your incredible generousity. 


 Getting ahead doesn't always happen alone.


We need mentors and advocates to support us.  Finding impactful mentorship is unquestionably valuable and we invite and encourage members of our community to join us and share their knowledge and skills. 

For more info on how you can get involved, please contact us at

Non Profit CRA Business Number - 728777285RC0001